Why This Site Exists

The reason I created this site is because I believe sharing my knowledge and experience can generate a positive impact.

People have questions

This site was inspired by the friends and family who are always hitting me up with financial questions. The constant questions are a reminder that it’s difficult to find quality and trustworthy financial information. I started posting answers to the most common questions in attempt to share my knowledge with a much larger audience… and to reduce the amount of time I had to cut and paste the same email or text 🙂 Now I can just reply: “Read this post and then let’s talk!”

My reach is limited

Most of my time is spent helping people via my investment advisory firm and I find that work incredibly satisfying. However, my firm can only serve so many clients. Writing and sharing my knowledge is one way for me to broaden my impact.

People are underserved by financial advisors

Most of the American population does not have access to high-quality advice. I won’t get into all the reasons for it here, but many people are unable to work with a fee-based financial advisor. There are others who may qualify to work with an advisor, but don’t due to trust issues with the industry, cultural norms, or they just prefer to do things themselves. I believe many of these people can still benefit from some generalized information, even if it’s not personalized to their situations.

There is a lot of bad information out there

There is a lot of great information on the web. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of bad information too. I see so many things that are just plain false, missing context, or heavily biased. Obviously, I cannot stop bad content from being published, but I can write reliable information.

My hope is that this site will be a trustworthy source for financial information and answers.

About The Author

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