Is Kroll Monitoring Legit

Is Kroll Monitoring Legit? An Unbiased Investigation

Companies are hacked every day and every few months I receive a notification that my personal data has been compromised in a some company’s breach. These notifications often come with an offer for credit monitoring or protection.

The other day, I received a suspicious looking offer from Kroll Monitoring. There was no mention of a breach and although I have heard of Kroll, I didn’t know that they had a credit monitoring product. Phishing remains a serious threat these days, so I decided to do some research on Kroll.

Kroll Monitoring Is Legit

Fortunately, my research indicates that Kroll Monitoring is a legitimate company and Kroll Monitoring is a service frequently provided by companies to customers whose data has been exposed.


Kroll has a long and interesting history and has been in business for quite some time. Their services include notification and call center support, identity theft restoration and consultation, and credit and identity monitoring services provided to consumers on behalf of their clients. However, some people (including myself) have reported concerns about the company asking for sensitive information which has raised questions about the authenticity of the service.

Features of Kroll Monitoring

Identity Theft Protection

Kroll Monitoring is similar to other competitors’ services. Their system monitors personal information, such as Social Security number, addresses, and financial accounts and alert customers of any suspicious activities or potential threats to their identity. This proactive approach allows consumers to take action quickly and protect themselves from potential harm.

Credit Monitoring

In addition to identity theft protection, Kroll Monitoring’s credit monitoring services offer additional protection. They monitor credit reports from all three major credit bureaus and inform consumers of any changes or inquiries made on accounts. This allows people to keep track of their credit health, spot any errors in their credit report, and get alerts when there’s a potential issue, such as fraudulent activity or unauthorized access.

Identity Restoration

In the unfortunate event that your identity is stolen or compromised, Kroll Monitoring offers access to their identity restoration services. Their team of experts works to guide victims through the process of recovering their identity. They provide assistance in contacting creditors, disputing fraudulent transactions, and providing legal guidance when necessary.

Financial Indemnity Insurance

Kroll Monitoring provides financial indemnity insurance as a part of their services. In the event that someone experience losses due to identity theft, they offer financial compensation up to a certain limit. This insurance eases some of the financial stress resulting from identity theft, and allows people to focus on restoring their credit and identity.

User Reviews and Testimonials

During my research on Kroll Monitoring, I came across varying opinions about the legitimacy of their services. Some users on the Better Business Bureau® website mentioned concerns about providing their Social Security number to Kroll Monitoring, expressing suspicion about their A+ rating claims.

While browsing Reddit, I found a post where a user received a letter from Lakeview Loan Servicing offering complimentary identity monitoring services from Kroll Monitoring. However, this user also hesitated to provide their Social Security number, which is a common concern (and one that I experienced).

Is Kroll Monitoring Legit?

In short, yes, Kroll Monitoring is legitimate. My own experience mirrors others in that I was not sure why they were contacting me or requesting personal information. If you receive something from Kroll, a company was likely hacked and your information was possibly compromised. Hacked companies (or their insurers) typically pay Kroll to reach out affected consumers and offer Kroll Monitoring. If you receive something from Kroll, I would double-check to ensure it is actually Kroll contacting you.

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