Weekend Reads

Seems like the NYT, WSJ, or WaPo broke a major news story every evening this week. Here’s some non-Trump/Russia/Comey reads for your weekend reading:

“On average, only people who make $150,000 a year or more say they value doing work that is important to them. Everyone else prioritizes an income that is stable and secure. Yet fewer than half of Americans earn a stable amount every month.” -Shift Commission

Findings of Shift: The Commission on Work, Workers, and Technology (Shift Commission)

State Unemployment Rates by Race and Ethnicity Show Recovery Expanding But Still Leaving Stubborn Pockets of High Unemployment (Economic Policy Institute)

How Homeownership Became the Engine of American Inequality (New York Times)

US Household Debt Surpasses Pre-Crisis Peak (Financial Times) VERSUS AreĀ Household and Student Debt Exploding? (FRED blog)

Consumers Place Personal Loans Stop The Credit Mountain (Transunion)

Venezuelan Riot Police Seek Way Out (Wall Street Journal)

A Day in the Life of Americans (Flowing Data) (this page is way cooler on a non-phone screen)

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